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101 Palpations is a wholistic and natural small animal service, offering Canine Myofunctional Massage, Craniosacral Therapy (similar to Cranial Osteopathy), Nutritional suggestions, helpful hints and general pet information.

Like us, our pets are affected by everyday stresses, pollutants, toxins, injury, illness and general muscle soreness. Old age and arthritis also contribute to poor health as does past illness and surgery, exercise regime and poor nutrition.

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Article in September 2010 edition of Dogs Life Magazine (PDF 458 kb)

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Injuries left untreated can often lead to symptoms such as uneven stride, inability to move forward with ease, sore limbs and feet, hunched hindquarters, poor neck and shoulder movement as well as tightening of skin, fascia and connective tissue.

If your dog is not moving freely a therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating massage combined with Craniosacral Therapy will help your pet gain optimum health. In conjunction with sound Veterinary advice, the road to recovery is more complete.

101 Palpations does not diagnose illness or offer Veterinary advice. If your pet is suffering from illness or injury please contact your Veterinarian immediately. See our links page for recommended venterinarians and practitioners.

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