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101 Palpatations provides a mobile service throughout the Melbourne and eastern metropolitan area.

This means we come to your home to where you dog is likely to be more relaxed. Occasionally we will venture outside Melbourne if the circumstances warrant it and you have special needs for your dog. Want to know more? - give Sue a call on 0408.886613.

New South Wales

By special arrangement we are now able to provide our services in the Goulburn NSW area. For further information drop us a line or feel free to contact Louise directly on 0428.609402.


Why not organise a few of you in the same area and get a bulk discount. Phone your friends, organise a day for one of our practitioners to come to your area, and benefit from our 'neighbourhood discount'.

Phone us now to find out how much you can save.

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Victoria & NSW - Australia
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Helpful Hints

Does your dog refuse to use the kennel?

Kennel placement and size is very important to your dog. Being able to stretch out fully is required, as having to sleep curled up all the time creates aches and pains. We like to stretch our legs out - so do our dogs.

Placement is also important - your dog needs to be able to see the entry/exit door of the house in order to keep any eye on human companions and to be alerted to any comings and goings. Many dogs won't use their kennels if they dont have a clear view of the entry/exit point used by the family.