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Canine Myofunctional Massage Therapy

Canine Myofunctional Massage is a gentle, non invasive hands on application that begins with Effleurage, a gentle soothing stroke that softens the skin and muscles, and prepares the dog for more active techniques. As the massage progresses and the dog becomes more relaxed deeper muscle work is applied to break down adhesions, increase blood flow, eliminate toxins, hydrate skin and hair and provide relief for built up aches and pains.

Injuries that may have been present for a while affect the opposing and surrounding muscle groups and inhibit the flow of blood, the repair and elasticity of surrounding tissue as well as interfering with nerve and muscle fibres. There is also a possibility of referred pain and strain as the body compensates for injury. Muscle adhesions, spasms and general soreness are likely to have developed by this stage.

Poor diet, unsuitable exercise, over-exertion, trauma, stress, accident, injury, past surgeries, skin allergies, medications, arthritis and in some cases poor living conditions can render even the most agreeable animal unhappy, grumpy, disinterested and in pain.

Your dog will benefit from this therapeutic application and love it too.

Victoria & NSW - Australia
Ahhhh! What a relief, woof!


We perform our service at your home in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The fee for a one hour consultation is $70 plus a small fuel surcharge depending on travel.

By special request and arrangements we will consider visits outside Melbourne. Please call Sue on 0408 886 613 to discuss the options.

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