Thanks Sue for treating our little girl Buffy and enabling her to walk properly again after six months of struggle. We are so grateful that our vet recommended Sue who isolated the point of discomfort and ironed out the creaks. Buffy sends her love as well.

Ben and Isla

Rainer, our rottweiler has improved in every way since Sue began massaging her. She is moving better, is more energetic and has even tried to play with other dogs. She has changed from the grumpy girl she had become to almost a puppy again. We are so happy.

The Morgan Family

When a friend suggested we call Sue to help our aching dog we were a bit dubious whether massage would be of benefit however the results spoke for themselves. Our Scottish Deerhound 'Hamish' had been losing muscle tone in his back legs making him weak and depressed. Over a period of a month we were shocked to see how much benefit his weekly massage had been. When I came home from work to see him actually bound up to the car after six months of not bothering, we knew we had made the right decision and he now receives a monthly treatment to keep the muscles from wasting.

Ruth and Duncan

Unfortunately we lost our beautiful Beau in October 2011 due to old age, however we wish to thank Sue for making his last year comfortable and giving him back the mobility he had been losing for years. To see him perky and running around after almost two years of disability was most impressive. We would not hesitate to recommend Sue as her compassion, wisdom and healing hands were definitely the best thing we came across for Beau. We are happier knowing his last year was as comfortable and active as we had hoped. Thank you Sue

Marilyn and Tom

Sues gentleness, patience and real compassion for Truffles were impressive. Sue's weekly massage and myotherapy sessions made an enormous difference to the quality of life and mobility of our fourteen-year-old grey hound, and helped noticeably to ease her pain and discomfort. The opportunity to watch Sue work with Truffles at home was another advantage that we appreciated very much and benefits are palpable! To anyone who may be sceptical of the value to a dog of Sues service, I would say, donít be: the benefits, Sues patience, and her interest in the dogs welfare, are very real and you will have, without doubt, a healthier, happier dog as a consequence. Thank you, Sue, for everything you did to help Truffles; it made a huge difference!

Best wishes to you for 2011.

Ben and Charlie want to say thanks. Winter makes them cold and stiff but their monthly sessions with Sue have helped them get through this winter without limping. Thanks Sue from out "little men". Walter and Bec

Milo walks with a spring in his step and has more energy than he has had for the last 2 years. Thanks for bringing him back to the happy chappy we know. Carly and Sean

I really enjoy your massages and special treats at the end of each session. I love how I seem to have so much energy lately - and how I can roll only my back and kick my legs in the air - without too much creaking! Lots of love and Yawns when I can. Maddy

I can't thank you enough Sue, what a wonderful way you have with the dogs. I am so glad Mavis and Moses have been receiving your treatment, they are so much better and happier. I look forward to the next visit and I know my dogs do too! Thank you. Jennifer U.

Thanks to Sue's magic hands my dog Geronimo has picked up immensely. He hobbled around because of arthritis and hardly played but now he is bouncing around the garden, playing with his ball and is a much happer boy. Thank you Sue Walter F

We didn't really think massage was going to help our dog but after three treatments she has astounded us with her renewed vigour. Sue has a very calming and rejuventating effect on Freckles and after her massage slept for nearly 12 hours. Sam, Ginny and Freckles

Our rottie suffered with poor joints since two years of age but now he limps less, walks further and is happier and less stressed. I wish someone could do that for me... Sylvia

Axle says thanks for making him feel so young and alive again. He appears to be in less pain and we have been able to reduce his painkillers without compromising his health. We are so happy to see him return to the happy dog he used to be, even if he has become naughty... Angela, Robert and Axle

Our dog Scooby was the victim of a dog attack. We were worried he would not be confident again but the massage and craniosacral treatment helped him let go of his fears and gave him more emotional balance. I can't believe how in tune he is with the massage and jumps straight on the mat when he hears Sue arrive. Thanks from Scooby Doo to Sue Rocco and Vicki

Kylie and I didnt know our dog was sick but Sue found some small lumps and suggested we take him to a vet. We found out our dog had early stage cancer and it was removed successfully. Recent tests show he is clear and we are so glad Sue found them before it got too bad. Kylie Derek and Captain